Innovation Makes Money, Innovation Increases Sales, Create Innovative New Products

Just 5% of fresh products that are found annually are truly innovative. Think of that for a moment, 95 percent of brand new product releases are ostensibly knock offs of the market pioneer. Another way to state it, the rivalry beat them into the current market now they are trying to obtain a sheet of the innovative marketplace by copying your contest’s fresh invention. A good instance of the is your recently established Android, 4G smart phone. This is the ideal example of what I am describing. Apple’s competition observed that Apple developed an advanced smart mobile; Apple’s contest observed that Apple pioneered this marketplace; and developed an industry for its i-phone. Therefore today the natural series of activities will be always to knock the leader’s hot product, by reverse technology it soon as they can receive their fingers on one.

Innovation could be your best defense against a recession. I can establish it by using a particular kitchen wares manufacturer that surely could preserve their 100 million in yearly earnings by adding SKUs, new item. This kitchen wares company managed to maintain this sales degree during that recession by introducing fresh products that are innovative. Though other businesses had been dropping their sales from 50 percent in 2007 and stopped growing new services; the company maintained that $100 million in earnings. The sales of each and every brand new product have been nothing to write home about. This problem has been solved by correcting inventory grades. In my estimation this was genius

I discussed with this item strategy having a product sales executive in the glass manufacturing industry and left the comment that this strategy was genius. His comeback was if this plan was genius why not Mc Donald’s enhance their menu? Probably he did not understand that Mc Donald’s was doing exactly that, extending their own menu. During that downturn Mc Donald’s went after the Starbucks market by providing their high end coffees and remember that healthful market that they are courting today.

Being an OEM Project Manager, solution Developer and Salesman for over 20 years my customers and I’d only say,”We’ve 6 – 12 weeks to take pleasure in the benefit margins and amortize the tooling before the product is knocked-off and now we must lower our selling price to keep up the volume. As you have experienced with the iPhone, then the answer would be to get a variant 2 awaiting the wings to release. Currently Apple is publishing their”4G” variant of this i-phone; what does this really do? It keeps the strain on your contest to continually play catch up with the industry pioneer. So what goes on when your contest presents their variation of the rival’s innovation? Margins go down, volume goes down, and your advanced product becomes the following product sold by price.

Thus you’d have to ask themselves why is there a number of innovative product establishes when it will be invention that’ll give your sales force that the benefit necessary to compete in an increasingly competitive competitive global marketplace. The easy answer isn’t a eyesight; concern with collapse ; not understanding the dynamics of invention; selling vs. knocking-off; and even matching costs are just a few of these causes a provider remains away from developing new products that are innovative and also prefer to be imitate cats. I use to work for an person whose doctrine was supposed to enable the competition do the assignments and copy everything they did right after the problems were exercised.

Therefore how can be products that are innovative manufactured? The answer is quite simple; evaluate your own marketplace and discover what it is your clients want and also need in your goods. Okay, is this simpler said than done? It all depends how you presume, if your Revenue staff is listening to both a clients and whether your direction team will be risk negative and not willing to take a opportunity. Exactly what are the dangers entailed? If completed correctly the risk is very minimal. The hazard is minimum because there’s a format to follow when done right you get your client’s buy in while the item is currently being manufactured. The flipside to the strategy is to knock off your competition’s advanced item.

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